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R8 – Professional S Package

Blaser R8 – Professional S Package (kit 2 - 2016k002) Built for the demanding hunter; the R8 Professional S is the answer! A masterfully enginee...


R8 Jaeger .270/.300 WIN MAG Special Black Edition Package

Blaser R8 – Jaeger Special Black Edition - .270/.300 WIN MAG (kit 4-2016K004) The eye-catching all-purpose Blaser R8 Jaeger Special Black Edition ...


R8 – .300WIN MAG/.22-250 Professional Package

Blaser R8 – Professional Package (kit 1 - 2016K001) For the budget minded hunter looking for the world’s finest rifle at an awesome price, the R8...


R8 – Professional Success

Blaser R8 – Professional Success .300 WSM (kit 6 – 2016l006) The awesome R8 Professional Success rifle package is perfectly suited for the avid hu...


R8 – Professional Success Monza

Blaser R8 – Professional Success Monza .300 Win Mag (kit 5 – 2016k005) The awesome R8 Professional Success Monza rifle package is perfectly suited...


R8 Baroness .257 Weatherby Kit

Blaser R8 – Baronesse (kit 3 – 2016k003) Beautiful, fun to shoot, and proud to own; the R8 Baronesse, a master crafted firearm boasting precision,...