Blaser R8 – Custom Kudu / Cape Buffalo Package RH .300 WM


Blaser R8 – Custom Kudu / Cape Buffalo Package RH .300 WM Born out of passion to fulfill the world’s most fundamental instinct, hunting, Blaser is constantly adapting its line of rifles to respond to our everchanging environment; meeting new challenges and applying innovative changes. The Blaser R8 is the world’s most sought-after rifle for hunting big game. Unsurpassed in feature / function, the R8 will quickly become your ‘go-to’ rifle. Whether you are hunting varmints in Montana or Cape buffalo in Africa; the R8 has everything you need; safety, reliability, light, fast, and highly configurable, the R8 is many rifles in one and the only ONE you will ever need. This R8 Custom hunting package is perfectly suited for the avid hunter looking for a beautiful one-of-a-kind rifle with style, feature, beauty, safety, and flexibility. This R8 custom Kudu Buffalo will be the unrivaled cornerstone of your collection. The exemplary craftsmanship of this rifle ensures that it is unparalleled in its execution and a pleasure to the eyes. Equipped to impress; rifle, case, 1 barrel, Zeiss scope, scope mount, and sling; all the necessary tools for a successful hunt! The Kudu/Buffalo craftsmanship is a beauty to behold. Synonymous with the Blaser name it will ensure that both the R8’s function and elegant form will last through the generations. Additional packages, barrels, rifles, scopes, and accessories are available. Contact Jim at (602) 617-7876 or at • Custom engraved with Kudu & Cape Buffalo • Beautiful wood grade 6 • .300 Win Mag Caliber standard round barrel • RH Gold Colored Magnum Bolt Head and trigger • RH Receiver & Housing • Blaser brown leather sling • A very fast Zeiss V8 Victory 1.1-4x24 iC Scope & Blaser Scope QD Mount • 1-barrel Blaser case • SN: RR036705 Priced at: $14,972
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