Knives of Alaska - Bush Camp Suregrip


Knives of Alaska – Bush Camp Suregrip The Bush Camp is a drop-point knife built for heavy-duty cutting requirements; Elk, Bear, Deer, Hogs, Caribou, Moose. It is a favorite among Alaskan outfitters as a ‘big job & hard use’ knife. Specifications: • Steel: D2 Tool Steel • RHc 59-61 • Double draw heat temper, Cryogenic “deep freeze” treatment • Handle: Full Tang • Black “Suregrip” • Blade Style: Drop-point • Blade Length: 5.00” • Thickness: 0.130-0.140” • Overall knife length: 10.600” • Blade Finish: Ceramic Peened “Hunters Non-Glare” • Weight: Suregrip 8.3 oz • Sheath: Vegetable tanned, oiled, split grained cowhide • Lifetime Warranty, Made in USA “During the 2003 deer season here in North Dakota, I used the Bush Camp Knife to field dress 9 deer that included slicing through 9 rib cages and 9 pelvic bones in addition to normal inviceration and hide work of field dressing. The blade performed flawlessly, and after simple washings with mild soap and hot water was still able to shave the hair on my arm every single time. Neither stone nor steel were needed to restore the edge…..” Roger A. Kreuger Specially priced at: $92.99
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