Blaser R8 - Custom Heirloom


Blaser R8 - Custom Heirloom built just for YOU! Your vision of the perfect rifle awaits you with a Blaser Custom Heirloom built specifically for you to exceed your expectations; plus, the beauty of master craftsmanship tooling with attention to details that are certain to impress. Your name, date, company, a prized trophy engraved, big game from Africa, gold, silver, etchings, symbols, and much, much more are just a few of the options available for your prized family heirloom. Plus don’t forget to use it every time you go out to hunt; it was built expressly for that purpose! 1. Select your caliber or calibers 2. Select your wood level (3-11) 3. Select the custom level (I, II, III, IV, V) 4. Select your barrel type(s) 5. Set for RH or LH 6. Select your receiver 7. Select your accessories The options are almost limitless on what you can do to make this rifle a true heirloom that will remain in the family for generations to come. Delivery varies based upon design and timing. Give me a call today and let's get to work on yours! Prices vary based upon design and options selected: $24,000 and up. Specially priced at: $35,000 and up…
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