REDUCED - SAVE $$ - Blaser R8 – Jaeger .30-06 WM Package


Blaser R8 – Jaeger .30-06 WM Package The Blaser name is well known throughout the world for its safety and innovation. To say the R8 is just a bolt action rifle is the understatement of the century. More than just a rifle it is a platform that allows you the flexibility to interchange calibers while providing ergonomic perfection in stock design and unequaled trigger performance; every hunter should own a Blaser R8! And now you can!!! This R8 Jaeger is a wood grade 3 sporting the popular and versatile .30-06 caliber; an extremely handsome rifle and a welcomed addition to anyone’s collection. If you are looking for a great value this is the rifle package for you. This package is the perfect solution for the hunter on a tight budget in pursuit of an excellent rifle. Bring your favorite scope to the party or shop my collection of Zeiss that best meets your requirements. This is a very nice package to get you started; rifle, case, 1 barrel, and sling! Add another barrel later and/or upgrade your scope later. Additional packages, barrels, rifles, scopes, and accessories are available. Contact Jim at (602) 617-7876 or at • RH Jaeger wood grade 3 • .30-06 standard round barrel • RH standard Bolt Head • RH Receiver & Housing • Black trigger • Brown leather Blaser sling • 1-barrel Blaser case • SN: RR040514 Priced at: $4,715.86
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