Blaser R8 – Professional Success Brown leather LH Package .257 Wtby Mag


Blaser R8 – Professional Success Brown leather LH Package .257 Wtby Mag Sporting shooters have been using special rifle stocks for decades. They know that you shoot much more accurately with them! So why should not hunters use the best stock available, too? As hunters are not aiming at inanimate targets, but are striving to cleanly kill live game, the perfect stock is essential. Once a hunter as tried a thumbhole stock, they rarely want to use anything else. Welcome to the Professional Success – it is a success. This .270 Weatherby Mag R8 Professional Success package has been assembled for your Success. A great high-value package for a serious hunter on a tight budget. The outstanding Blaser craftsmanship of this rifle package will keep you excited to hit the field as often as possible. The package leaves room for expansion. It includes: Blaser case, 1 barrel, and sling; all the tools for a successful hunt! A lifetime of hunting pleasure. Additional packages, barrels, rifles, scopes, and accessories are available. Contact Jim at (602) 617-7876 or at • LH R8 Professional Success • Synthetic Brown with brown leather wrap arounds • .257 Weatherby Mag standard round barrel • LH standard magnum bolt head • LH Receiver & Housing • Leather Blaser sling • Blaser 2 barrel case • SN: RR016748 Priced at: $10,530.08
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