Blaser R8 Prof Success LH 257 Whby Mag


Blaser R8 – Professional Success LH Brn leather Package .257 Wby Mag Perfect ergonomics for accurate shooting with a splash of extravagance. The R8 Professional Success combines a robust synthetic stock with non-slip stock inlays made of impregnated leather. Once a hunter as tried the Professional Success stock, they rarely want to use anything else. This .257 Weatherby Mag R8 Professional Success package has been assembled for your pure hunting joy. A great high-value package for a serious hunter. The outstanding Blaser craftsmanship of this rifle package will keep you excited to hit the field as often as possible. The package leaves room for expansion. It includes: R8 rifle, Blaser hard 2-barrel case, 1 barrel, sling, Zeiss scope, and QR mount; bringing all the tools for a successful hunt together! A lifetime of hunting pleasure. Additional packages, barrels, rifles, scopes, and accessories are available. Contact Jim at (602) 617-7876 or at • LH R8 Professional Success • Synthetic Brown stock with brown leather wrap arounds • .257 Weatherby Mag standard round barrel • LH standard magnum bolt head • LH Receiver & Housing • Black Neoprene Blaser sling • 2-barrnel Blaser hard case • Zeiss 1-8x30 V8 Scope • Blaser QR scope mount • SN: RR016748 Priced at: $10,530.08
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